Tigels is a family company created in the year 2015, on a quest for high quality and great designs for baby clothing from Dana and Miguel, who just welcomed their first baby Santiago Miguel, the source of inspiration. After their search, they found out that the Peruvian Pima cotton was considered the world's finest cotton, making it easy for them, to choose Pima cotton as their raw material for their new designs.
Not all cottons are created equal. Just like coffee or wine, the cotton's quality may vary greatly. Because of its ideal growing conditions, hand harvesting and extra-long staple length, the Pima cotton is considered the finest cotton in the world, due to it amazing softness, brilliant luster and above all durability.
Since Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand, it does not have the starchy impurities that the commercial harvesting leave to regular cotton, which affects the cotton's smoothness and also creates a yellowish cast. Furthermore, hand harvesting, does not only gives the pima cotton a brilliant white shade but it is also an environmentally friendly harvesting technique.
Pima cotton has a very long staple length (1"-3/8") which makes it silky soft, durable and highly resisting to pilling. And unlike other fibers, pima cotton does not cause allergies.
On top of the extraordinary characteristics that sets Pima cotton apart from any other natural fibers; the ink used to print Tigel's designs, does not contain harsh chemicals such as, mercury, aluminum, formaldehydes, phthalates, among others, thus, meeting the international requirements for quality and safety, allowing Tigels to be sold worldwide.